A Victorian pink floral die cut calling card with a greeting for a Happy New Year.

A Victorian Calling Card for a Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Today, I have a sweet paper treat for you. My mom recently gifted me a sweet box of calling cards, inside of which I found this lovely calling card featuring a New Year greeting. The Victorian card features pink floral branches surrounding a peaceful farmhouse scene. (How I would love to own that farmhouse.) The envelope on the front of this calling card shows a small piece of paper with the original owner’s name.

For those who aren’t familiar with calling cards – during Victorian times, these tokens were left when ladies and gentlemen called on their acquaintances. Some are rather simple, and others, such as this card, are ornate and beautiful.

This one captures my imagination more than most due entirely to the sweet country scene. I imagine a river runs nearby that farmhouse, full of trout for fishing, and the sun shines through those clouds, giving the dirt that special smell it gets in the summertime. And while California is currently experiencing its third storm in succession, that smell seems like heaven.

“It reminds me of waking up in the country. First thing in the morning, when I am all alone, and I have not yet spoken to a soul. I look outside the window, and it is serene. As if I could be the only person left in the world, and yet, somehow, I am not lonely. I am comforted, at peace.”

Daphne Bridgerton

I wish you the very best this new year has to offer. Thank you for stopping by Faedra.

A Victorian pink floral die cut calling card with a greeting for a Happy New Year.

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