My name is Nicole, and I am the blogger at Faedra.

Faedra is my scrapbook – my space to explore the stories of the vintage objects I treasure.

As a mom of two young kids, I am always searching for ways to bring creativity into our home. This blog is my creative endeavor. It is where I write about the things I love – the things that have mattered to me since I was a child roaming antique shows.

As a small girl, I used to save my monthly allowance to spend at the local antique show where my mom and grandma sold their vintage wares. My sister and I would wander all day, searching for the rarest and most beautiful treasures. My life has been steeped in vintage from the beginning. It is in my blood.

I welcome you to Faedra. Here, I share my finds and inspirations – vintage home decor, antique jewelry, interesting antique paper scraps, and the stories of artists from bygone eras. Treasure hunting is my lifelong, all-consuming passion, and I hope you enjoy perusing the Faedra archives.

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This is a black and white picture of blogger Nicole Leigh wearing a vintage prairie dress in the redwood forest.

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A Cup of Tea

in the Morning

Charles Dickens


Vintage Hunting

All the Time

Collecting vintage is collecting stories, choosing sustainability, and living beautifully.

Today, we know that vintage shopping and conscientious consumerism are essential to the health of our planet. Opting out of the fast fashion and decor worlds is a decision all individuals can make to improve their impact on the environment. In addition to helping Mother Earth, a vintage life is naturally infused with stories and beauty.

The choice to shop vintage is the choice to embrace a sustainable and creative life. If these things matter to you, you are in the right place. At Faedra, I explore vintage stories and revel in their beauty. 

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