Antique Glass Vases in Psychedelic Spring Colors

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Now that California is finished with rain for the season and the balmy weather has settled in, I find myself drawn to the bright and groovy spring colors that match this sweet beginning of summer.

My daughter and I love to decorate our home with fresh flowers, but one of my regular decor struggles seems to be finding an appropriate vase for the flowers. I usually take the lid off my large L.E. Smith Moon and Stars canister and use it as a vase, but I am perpetually searching for beautiful large vases. I would love to have a stash of gorgeous vases to pull at at the drop of a hat, however, I am limited by the space available in my small apartment.

Antique blue Bristol glass vase hand painted with white flowers
This blue Bristol glass antique vase is offered by ThatVintageThingCo on Etsy.

Lately, I have noticed my Etsy favorites list filling up with antique glass vases in spring colors. Perhaps it is the confluence of a colorful spring following a rainy winter and my ability to explore my color choices in my own home. Still, I find myself increasingly drawn to the psychedelic candy colors of these gorgeous vases – and especially the pairing of these colors with green bouquets.

I’ve pulled some of my favorites from my Etsy’s favorite list to share with you here at Faedra. All these vases are over 100 years old, and some are much older. I hope the cheerful colors of these antique vases bring some sunshine to your day! You can find the vases on Etsy by clicking on the captions.

Antique Pink Glass Vase Pair Victorian Cased Glass Ruffled Top Applied Snake At Neck Pontil Mark Mantel Decor
FernvaleVintage offers this pair of pink Victorian glass vases with snakes on Etsy.
Antique green Bohemian glass vase hand painted with a pink and green floral design
EraNineteenHundred offers this antique Bohemian glass vase on Etsy.
Pink and yellow Stourbridge candy-striped vase
SimonCurtisAntiques on Etsy offers this gorgeous 19th Century candy-striped vase.
Antique Thomas Webb enameled art vase
TheMittenVintage offers this Thomas Webb enameled art vase on Etsy.
Bright green Fenton vintage vase
RedRiverAntiques offers this large opalescent green Fenton vase on Etsy.
Yellow and pink Mt. Washington glass vase
IAm2Shops offer this gorgeous Mt. Washington vase on Etsy.

What vases do you keep on hand? Are they colorful, or are you a lover of clear glass? Tell me about it in the comment section below!

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