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An Antique Decor Shop Full of Stories

As you know, dear reader, I am a softie for antique decor pieces with a story. There is nothing like pairing a relic with an understanding of where it came from to inspire an increased appreciation. We live in an age where decor is typically supplied by a “fast decor” brand, consumed unthinkingly, and tossed into a landfill. There is something comforting about seeing layers of history on an object. A visible record of a treasure’s past life inspires one to be a responsible caretaker of its destiny.

When I fell down the rabbit hole of The Antiqueher online shop, I knew immediately I had found a place to hunt for such treasures. Kelsey, the shop owner, does not shy away from pieces with stories, some of which are visible on the surface of her treasures. She has an impeccable eye for pieces that have stories and modern, stylish appeal. With each click to the next page, I found myself surprised at the variety of treasures featured in her shop. (And obviously, her florals had me at hello.)

I have gathered a few of my favorites here for you to enjoy!

Antique String Art 
Antique Bread Board

Personally, I cannot get enough of that Victorian mantle urn with the small faces on the metal details. Someday, when I have a mantle of my own, I will return to see if she is still available! Do you love to search for vintage pieces with stories like I do? Tell me about it in the comment section below.

Explore for more vintage finds!

♥ Note: All photos belong to The Antiqueher. Click on a picture or caption to be transported to an item’s home on the web.

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