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Collecting German Elfinware and Mossware

Antique Elfinware Cherub Clock, Dresden Figurines and Cordey Marie Antoinette Figurine
Elfinware Cherub Floral Clock that Belonged to my Great Aunt

In the world of antiques, one hears a lot of stories about the items customers grew up with. Whether it’s a lady talking about the carousel tumblers her grandma used to serve iced tea, or a gal remembering the dresser box on her aunt’s dresser when she was a kid. (Both are true stories.)

Collecting antiques is collecting stories. The story about how you found an item, the story about where it came from, and the story about where it’s going. I say all of this to introduce a category of antiques that is dear to my heart. My mom has been collecting Elfinware since I was a little girl. The small baskets, vases, and dresser boxes encrusted with handcrafted flowers and moss have been a part of my life since I can remember.

My mom still has the Elfinware collection she started 30 years ago. I recently started living with my parents and I have been looking at the blue forget-me-nots, roses, and green moss scattered over the tiny porcelain pieces and wondering, for the first time in my life, what the story is behind Elfinware.

Pair of Blue Elfinware Bud Vases
Pair of Blue Elfinware Bud Vases
Gorgeous Mossware Elfinware Floral Rose Dresser Box Made in Germany
Mossware Dresser Box with Rose

Information on Elfinware is surprisingly hard to come by. I discovered on Kovels, that the creation of Elfinware began in the 1920s. Breslauer-Underberg of New York City trademarked the name and they began to import the porcelain pieces to the USA in the 40s.

Collectors sometimes refer to Elfinware as Mossware because of the thick green moss that accompanies the flowers on some pieces. Some collectors refer to the moss as “spinach.” No matter what you call it, the pieces with the green moss are often the most highly prized and sought after.

I gained increased respect for these sweet pieces when I realized each piece was crafted by hand. They are real works of art. A porcelain artist handcrafted each and every little flower and tuft of moss that decorates each piece of Elfinware. Every once in a while you will come across a piece with a cracked flower or moss that was damaged before the firing. It is no wonder when you consider how difficult it must have been to create a miniature fairyland of Elfinware flowers by hand.

Antique Vintage Elfinware and Mossware Dresser Boxes
Antique Vintage Elfinware Dresser Boxes
Vintage Antique Elfinware Mossware Basket Made in Germany
Elfinware Mossware Basket
Vintage Antique Elfinware Mossware Candlestick Holder and Watering Can Miniatures Made in Germany
Miniature Elfinware Candle holder and Watering Can
Antique Mossware with Flower, Leaves, and Child
Antique Mossware with Child
Vintage Elfinware Piano with Roses
Vintage Elfinware Piano with Roses
SICO Mark and Made in Germany Mark on the bottom of an Elfinware Lidded Piano
Mark on the bottom of a lidded Elfinware Piano
Elfinware Germany mark on the bottom of a Mossware Miniature
Elfinware Germany Mark
Germany mark on the bottom on a purple Elfinware Dresser Box
Germany mark on an Elfinware dresser box
Elfinware Mossware Miniature Urn
Mossware Miniature Urn and Pitcher
Green Elfinware Rose Perfume Bottle Made in Germany
Green Elfinware Floral Perfume Bottle
Elfinware Mossware Miniatures
Elfinware Mossy Miniatures
Antique Mossware Shoe Perfume Bottle Made in Germany
Mossware Shoe Perfume Bottle
Gorgeous Forget-Me-Not and Rose Elfinware and Metal Dresser Box
Forget-Me-Not Elfinware Metal Dresser Box
Vintage Elfinware and Mossware Swan Collection Made in Germany
Elfinware and Mossware Swan Collection
Lid of Purple Elfinware Dresser Box
Lid of Purple Elfinware Dresser Box
Collection of Elfinware Flower Pot Placeholders
Flower Pot Elfinware Placecard Holders
Green Rose Elfinware Bell Made in Germany
Green Rose Elfinware Bell
Rare Elfinware and Kate Greenaway Man and Lady Egg Figurine
Unusual Elfinware with Kate Greenaway Style People and Egg
Antique Elfinware Mossware Orange Flower Vase
Antique Elfinware Orange Flower Vase
Antique Mossware Elfinware Incense Burner Made in Germany
Mossware Incense Burner or Potpourri Holder
Pink Elfinware Vase and White Floral Elfinware Basket
Pink Elfinware Vase and White Floral Elfinware Basket
Rare Elfinware Dog with Flower Basket
Unusual Elfinware Dog with Flower Basket
Rare Elfinware Mossware Dish with Roses and Birds
Unusual Mossware Bowl with Pink Roses and Birds
Antique Elfinware Collection on Faedra
Antique Elfinware Collection

My mom and I spent a day photographing some of our favorite pieces from her collection. I hope you enjoy these photographs of a collection that played a huge part in my own childhood story.

What do you think of Elfinware? Do you love the fairyland of flowers? Let me know in the comments below!

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