Big-Eyed "Madonna and Child" Big-Eyed "The Angel" Big-Eyed "Shepherd Boy" Oil Painting Christmas Card by Margaret Keane
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Margaret Keane Big-Eyed Angels Christmas Cards

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I arrived home from work today to find that my mom had hit up a good garage sale. The dining table had a selection of beautiful vintage treasures to peruse. Mid-century jeweled ornaments, teacups, and a brass cupid. The dining table was a groovy 1960s scene.

As I ooh and ahhed, my mom said: But you haven’t seen my favorite thing yet. Then, she showed me a box with four vintage 1960s Christmas cards by Margaret Keane.

Big-Eyed "Madonna and Child" Christmas card by mid-century artist Margaret Keane.
Big-Eyed “Madonna and Child”

Margaret Keane is the artist who made the darling big-eyed kid paintings famous, and these cards are gorgeous examples of that same big-eyed style. They are small reproductions of her Christmas-themed oil paintings and are an affordable way to buy some of her art to hang on the wall!

Something about the groovy gothic vibe of Margaret Keane’s work gets me. I especially love the Christmas-sy golden tones of these painting reproductions. You know I love gorgeous representations of Mary (above), and those sweet angels below have stolen my heart.

Half of these cards are attributed to Margaret Keane’s ex-husband, Walter. Though, if you have watched the movie Big Eyes, you know that he didn’t paint these paintings. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, and if you love these paintings as much as I do, put the movie on your weekend movie list. It’s an entertaining look at the horrifying art fraud surrounding these doe-eyed creations of Margaret Keane’s imagination.

"The Angels" Oil Painting Christmas Card by mid-century artist Margaret Keane
“The Angels” Oil Painting Christmas Card by Margaret Keane
Big-Eyed "The Angel" Oil Painting Christmas Card by artist Margaret Keane
Big-Eyed “The Angel” Oil Painting Christmas Card by Margaret Keane
Big-Eyed "Shepherd Boy" Oil Painting Christmas Card by Margaret Keane
Big-Eyed “Shepherd Boy” Oil Painting Christmas Card by Margaret Keane

Even though it is April Fool’s Day, these Christmas cards have put me in a gothic holiday mood. I plan to frame these beauties to add to my vintage Christmas decor collection. If you like these cuties and have some cash to spend on Christmas card art, there are a few listings on eBay for these cards. If you dig the vintage holiday card look, vintage holiday cards on eBay and Etsy are just waiting for their day in the mailman’s bag.

Do you like Margaret Keane’s big-eyed paintings? Do you own some of her work? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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