A vintage silver and gold handmade Italian glass angel Christmas ornament
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Whimsical Vintage Handcrafted De Carlini Christmas Ornaments 

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I have occasionally encountered whimsical Italian glass ornaments on my vintage travels. Over time, I have acquired angels, nutcrackers, Santas, the three wise men, and other figural ornaments. Some research into these sweet baubles led me to a company established nearly eight decades ago in Italy. Soffieria De Carlini has been a source of optimistic mouth-blown Christmas ornaments since 1947. Established by Enrico De Carlini, the company celebrated the peace of the holiday season in a nation still reeling from World War II.

Every De Carlini Christmas ornament is handcrafted and painted by the artisans at Soffieria De Carlini. During the 1960s, the company’s Christmas ornaments changed from simple decorations to detailed and incomparable figural ornaments. The results of the company’s artistic experimentation are some of the most joyful ornaments imaginable!

The company still manufactures unique mouth-blown ornaments today; however, the vintage ornaments capture my imagination. My favorites are the angels and Santa Clauses. In fact, our Santa Claus with the cotton beard first got me started collecting these darling creations. My mother and I were shopping at a tiny thrift shop in Lake Arrowhead, California, when she found and gifted me my first De Carlini Santa ornament. I love the darling flowers painted on his red hat!

A large De Carlini mouth-blown vintage Christmas ornament in the shape of Santa Claus' head. He has flowers painted on his red hat.
A De Carlini Santa Claus ornament with flowers on his hat and a cotton beard!
A box lid filled with vintage glass Christmas figural ornaments in many colors
A recent garage sale haul, including the vintage De Carlini Three Wise Men

I recently stumbled across a large collection of De Carlini ornaments at a garage sale, including police offices and the Three Wise Men with a pretty angel. They were at the bottom of a box, buried underneath unattractive new ornaments. I dug them out one by one, gasping at each darling find!

I have put together a few angels for you to browse on Etsy so you can experience the magic of Soffieria De Carlini’s vintage creations:

Two glittery clear angels vintage Christmas ornament by De Carlini
Two Clear Glittery De Carlini Angel Ornaments Offered by AllThingsByAngie on Etsy
A vintage glass angel ornament with blonde hair, white dress, and flowers by De Carlini of Italy
Sweet De Carlini Blonde Angel with Flowers Offered by MtLaurelTreasures on Etsy
A white glass and glitter angel vintage Christmas ornament by De Carlini
A Vintage Blonde Christmas Angel De Carlini Ornament Offered by DreamMachineShop on Etsy

Do you love these sweet De Carlini Christmas ornaments as much as I do? Do you collect De Carlini ornaments? Tell us about it in the comment section below!

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A vintage silver and gold handmade Italian glass angel Christmas ornament
A De Carlini Silver and Gold Christmas Angel Ornament

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