A vintage postcard of Old Cisco Grove with antique cars parked out front
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Vintage Photograph Postcards of Cisco Grove, California

A cabin in the mountains covered in a heavy snow.
The cabin our grandpa built with only the second story visible

Childhood Adventures and Vintage Postcards of Cisco Grove

As a child, I roamed the foundations of old buildings with my siblings and cousins, searching for broken bits of pottery and melted glass. The foundations consisted of crumbling mountain rocks and were about a foot high; we would walk them like balance beams while keeping our eyes peeled for treasures to add to our collections.

My grandfather purchased the property in the tiny mountain town of Cisco Grove, California, and his little piece of Rattlesnake Mountain was our heaven. We called it “The Property,” and we spent so much time there that we couldn’t imagine that the dirt and trees we loved had another life before it was our favorite place. It is still hard to believe it.

However, I recently discovered picture proof that “The Property” enjoyed a busy existence during the first half of the 20th century. The crumbling foundations were the remnants of a busy store and gas station. And, of course, that piece of mountain dirt belonged to Native Americans before the tourists began using Cisco Grove for gas and lodging.

I have a collection of vintage postcards with images of my favorite places in California, and I recently added these gems to that collection. Given California’s massive snowfall this winter, these postcards are particularly relevant.

“The Property” with vintage cars parked out front
The old Cisco Grove gas station buried in snow
The old Cisco Grove gas station

Our Recent Cisco Grove Adventure

Last weekend, I drove to Cisco Grove with my parents, siblings, and kids. After this crazy winter, the snow was higher than ever. Since our family sold the cabin, we have driven by several times, stopped to breathe the evergreen air, jumped in the chilly river, and looked to see that “The Property” was as serene as ever. However, this time was different – I got up the nerve to knock on the cabin’s door. A kind family answered, and the owners welcomed us in to see the place.

It was an unbelievable experience to walk through the rooms where I spent my childhood celebrating Christmas, playing cards with my siblings and cousins, and cuddling in my sleeping bag while staring out the huge windows, at the stars. I could almost hear my grandpa say, “Hi-Dee-Ho!” as we walked through the door.

The land has continued to build on its story. Now, different grandkids roam “The Property.” It was good to witness the new era.

There is no place quite like the location of one’s childhood adventures. Tell me about your childhood adventures in the comment section below.

If you would like to see more pictures of “The Property,” visit the Donner Historical Society.

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