Vintage Black and White Gold Lake California Postcard
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Vintage Postcards from Gold Lake, California and the Sierra Nevada Mountains

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Vintage Black and White Gold Lake California Postcard

I have never been more ready to escape to the mountains and get outside of cell phone range, away from the internet, and away from the noisy world. Tomorrow morning we leave for a campground that is only accessible by a good four-wheel-drive vehicle or on foot. It is a campground my family has camped at for four generations.

My Grandma Lois went there first as a young girl with her older brother. Her brother had a gold mine claim called the Willoughby Mine in the mountains near our campsite. While the mine never produced anything other than happy hours spent in the mountains, my ancestors fell madly in love with the surrounding area and it became a solid family tradition to camp there every summer.

When I was a teenager, my Grandpa Charlie brought his grandkids and their fathers to the campground every Fourth of July for what we called “The Grandpa Hike.” We would set up a home base and hike to the surrounding lakes for fishing and swimming. It was the best.

My grandpa was an outdoors enthusiast and a true prankster. One time we woke up to a flock of Canadian geese he had herded into the campground to serve as a natural alarm clock for his sleepy teenage grandkids. When I was a teenager, he told me that someday I’d regret spending so many hours asleep when there is so much to experience in the world. I understand his point now and every time I wake up at four in the morning to go on a walk, I think of my grandpa and those geese.

There is nothing that compares to a cool swim in a mountain lake. So, while I love being here and writing to you all, I’m going to be offline for a bit. I will leave you with these vintage postcards from our destination – Gold Lake, California.

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Vintage Gold Lake California Postcard
Vintage Black and White Gold Lake California Postcard

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