Vintage psychedelic birthday card featuring a watercolor floral design, a girl on a swing, and a little kitten

Psychedelic Vintage Greeting Cards Featuring Florals and Cute Ladies

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I spent the day organizing my storage unit. A while back, my family helped me move my belongings from Southern California back to my hometown; however, I am a busy teacher and have not had time to organize my belongings until now. While creating piles for a garage sale, eBay, and to keep, I found some vintage greeting cards to share with you!

These groovy vintage birthday cards feature little ladies on dreamy psychedelic floral backgrounds. The ladies are involved in activities ranging from catching butterflies, embroidering, and swinging with a kitten standing by! Could they be more adorable?

If you love these vintage greeting cards, I encourage you to sift through the piles of stationery that you find at estate sales. New greeting cards are expensive, boring, and obvious. Instead, use vintage cards! They are better for the planet and make a much bigger impact on the recipient. You can find vintage cards such as these on Etsy and eBay.

Do you love vintage greeting cards as much as I do? Tell me about it in the comments section below!

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