A humorous Samsonite suitcase ad featuring a serious man and woman riding on a luggage conveyor belt along with their green and white floral suitcases

Vintage Samsonite Luggage and the Iconic Fashionaire Suitcases

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You’re in the bedroom of an estate sale, shuffling through the closet, and catch a glimpse of a set of vintage Samsonite luggage hiding amongst the clothing. The colors are bright, and you don’t notice any weird smells. Every piece is immaculate; however, there are four pieces of luggage, and you don’t have travel plans. And where the heck would you put it? Your closet is already stuffed to the brim. So, you sadly tear yourself away and feel a pang of envy for the person who will eventually walk away with the killer set of vintage luggage.

I have been in that position more times than I care to consider. I own a couple of vintage Samsonite train cases. They are functional. I use an off-white train case as an overnight bag and a powder blue one as a makeup case. However, I do not yet own an entire set of vintage luggage. Notice that I said “yet.”

A picture of two young women standing next to a greyhound bus with a vintage black and white suitcase

There is one Samsonite set that I would stuff into my closet without hesitation – the floral luggage from the Fashionaire suitcase collection. However, I have never seen an entire set in the wild.

Recently, while watching Daisy Jones and the Six for for the purpose of vintage fashion research, my efforts paid off. As Simone says “goodbye” to Daisy and prepares to board the Greyhound night bus, a piece from the black and white Fashionaire collection sits at her feet, proving that it is, indeed, the most beautiful piece of vintage luggage on Earth. I must compliment the costume designers for their excellent taste.

Vintage Samsonite suitcase advertisement featuring a blond lady in a green dress sitting on a stack of blue, green, orange, and white floral suitcases

Before creating the Fashionaire line in the 1960s, Samsonite luggage sets featured solid colors. With their bold floral patterns, Fashionaire suitcases allowed women to travel in style. The flowery designs appealed to the Bohemian tastes of stylish midcentury women much as they appeal to today’s vintage fashion aficionados.

The black-and-white Marimekko-style Fashionaire pattern is truly an iconic creation whose appeal has stood the test of time. In 2007, Samsonite manufactured a short run of reproductions to satisfy those who could not acquire the true vintage versions.

The vintage Fashionaire line features groovy patterns and gorgeous colors. I have gathered several floral Fashionaire patterns for your viewing pleasure and will leave it up to you to decide which one you are going to carry on your next adventure!

This vintage Samsonsite suitcase is white with a graphic 1960s-style black floral design. It has a hard outer shell and a plastic handle.
The Iconic Fashionaire Black and White Suitcase by elliemayhems
This vintage suitcase features a gold swirled design, a hard outer shell, and a gold plastic handle.
Gold Fashionaire Suitcase offered by The Thrift Store Archaeologists on eBay
This vintage suitcase has a hard outer shell and a green plastic handle. One each side it features a rug-like fabric that is green with 1960s style white flowers.
Iconic Green Floral Samsonite Suitcase offered by Sickgirlvintage
This set of vintage Samsonite luggage features a 1960s floral pattern in deep teals, blues, and purple. The suitcase has a hard outer shell and a plastic handle.
Groovy Samsonite Fashionaire Luggage offered by AGEofVINTgoods

Do you own vintage Samsonite luggage? Which Fashionaire floral pattern do you like the best? Tell me about it in the comments section below!

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