Mismatched Set of Five Vintage Ironstone Dinner Plates offered by VegavintageFinds

A Stunning Shop Full of Mismatched Vintage Stoneware

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Every once in a while, as I’m browsing vintage online, I run across a shop that is so beautiful it takes my breath away. The products in these breathtaking shops vary, but they are invariably creative. I felt that way when I clicked on VegavintageFinds on Etsy. I am a huge fan of vintage stoneware dinnerware. The colors and patterns are stunning. So, when I saw an entire shop full of mismatched sets of vintage stoneware, I fell in love!

Each of these listings is a mismatched set of five vintage stoneware plates. The sets are lovingly curated to match despite the varied patterns. I can imagine purchasing a couple of these sets and setting a gorgeous, colorful table for a dinner party. There is nothing better than vintage conversation pieces on the dinner table and these sets definitely fit the bill!

I cannot imagine the amount of work and the sheer number of hours spent collecting and curating these dinnerware sets, not to mention the creativity needed to combine the colors and patterns so beautifully. Nicole is the shopowner behind this California vintage shop. In her own words, she writes:

My love for vintage began more than 22 years ago. It began with clothing but once I had children and ran a home my love for vintage kitchenware grew. The time, materials, and design work that one comes across is awe-inspiring. The beauty that can be found in everyday objects is what brings me the most joy. I love to help bring some of that beauty into your home.

Nicole of VegavintageFinds

I am a softie for flowers and vibrant colors and these sets have both. Do you love vintage stoneware as much as I do? What are your favorite vintage conversation pieces to use at the dinner table?

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