Vintage Floral Crewel Embroidery from Rural Retro Finds

Floral Friday Feat. Vintage Crewel from Rural Retro Finds

It finally feels like summer. We’ve been living in the pool, eating zucchini from our garden, and soaking up the sun at farmers markets. While we are in the car, we turn up the oldies hits on Pandora and the kids sing in the backseat. And I sing in the drivers’ seat, of course!

I’ve had to be creative to find fun things to do while keeping in mind that my kids don’t have a COVID vaccine. We recently moved from the forest to suburbia, so our world has opened up significantly. Swim lessons, walks, gardening, digging in the dirt. Well, the kids dig in the dirt and I garden – which is pretty much digging in the dirt for adults. So far, it’s the best summer I’ve had since I was a kid.

This week for Floral Friday, I am featuring these gorgeous vintage crewel pieces from Abigail of @ruralretrofinds. I love to decorate with vintage embroidery. It brings gorgeous color and texture to a room and each piece is handcrafted and unique. I’ve noticed that Rural Retro Finds has featured several vintage embroidered pieces, not to mention her shop is an MCM goldmine. So, if you love this type of vintage decor, you should keep an eye on her Instagram feed!

I am going to say goodbye, but not before I leave you with a short oldies playlist for your weekend! I hope you have a beautiful, sunny time!

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