There are only two Flatware Brands that are Made in America

In most categories of home goods, there are a surprising number of manufacturers operating in the United States. That is not the case with flatware manufacturing. Surprisingly, my internet rambles only unearthed two American flatware companies.

Liberty Tabletop is an American manufacturer that makes silverware with American steel.
The Betsy Ross flatware pattern by Liberty Tabletop

Liberty Tabletop

Of the two flatware companies I was able to find, Liberty Tabletop is the most transparent of the two. The company doesn’t leave you wondering about the source of its raw materials, or its strict environmental policies. It’s all outlined for you on the website.

Liberty Tabletop purchases all of its top-quality stainless steel from U.S. steel mills.  The company also takes pride in the fact that they employ Americans. The company has adopted a different type of business model to achieve this goal. Liberty has a direct-to-consumer model that allows it to cut out the middle man. As a result, it can afford to conduct business in an ethical way and pay a fair wage to its employees.

For a brand of flatware made in America and made of American steel, Liberty Tabletop flatware is surprisingly affordable. The only difficulty is picking a pattern!

Shelburne Flatware

Shelburne Flatware looks like a farmhouse heirloom. It does not have the typical shiny surface you’d expect to find on new flatware. Each item of Shelburne Flatware is tumbled with ceramic pieces, giving it an interesting “pottery inspired patina.”

The company handcrafts all of its flatware in New York from the highest quality steel. It specializes in one pattern of flatware and it is one that pairs perfectly with your favorite stoneware pottery dinnerware. If you are craving that farmhouse table feel, this is your set!

Is there another American-made flatware company I’ve forgotten? Do you have a favorite pattern flatware pattern? Leave a comment below!

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