Psychedelic Vintage Greeting Card with Groovy Flowers and a Golden-haired lady

Psychedelic Vintage Greeting Cards to Inspire Your Inner Flower Child

Psychedelic Vintage Greeting Card with Groovy Flowers and a Golden-haired lady
Vintage Psychedelic Floral Hallmark Greeting Card with a Golden-haired Lady

There is nothing I love quite as much as vintage and antique paper treasures. I get it from my grandma. Paper from the Victorian Era and up through more recent postcards and greeting cards. I love it all. When a postcard has been addressed and written on, it tells a story. When a greeting card has yet to be written on, it is ready to play a part in a new story! I love searching out vintage greeting cards to use as part of special gifts for special people.

On today’s vintage travels, I discovered a whole bunch of old greeting cards. There were hundreds. If I were in a home of my own, I might have purchased them all. Since I am still staying with my parents and I don’t want to overload their house with my vintage treasures, I picked out a few of my favorites.

The cards were 20 cents each at a local garage sale – wha?! So cheap. All four of these cards are unused, but I will probably keep them in my personal collection because I love their artwork!

I found so many treasures this week. Flower pots, books, and tea cups. Out of all the hunting and treasures I purchased and didn’t purchase, these cards are my absolute favorite. There is just something about the psychedelic floral art that I can’t get enough of. I can’t choose a favorite! But that little pink-haired angel does remind my of my three-year-old who loves it when I put wash-out pink hair color gel in her hair. OK, maybe that one is my favorite!

If you are interested in shopping for some vintage greeting cards of your own, I suggest shopping on Etsy. The amazing vintage sellers on Etsy offer a dreamy selection of similar cards.

Vintage Katy Cards Birthday Card Featuring a Big-Eyed Girl in a Prairie Dress and Flowers
Vintage Big-Eyed Girl Greeting Card by Artist Katy Jablonski Zimmie of Katy Kards
Vintage Psychedelic "From Your Little Angel" Birthday Card
Vintage Psychedelic “From Your Little Angel” Birthday Card
Vintage psychedelic floral greeting card with a woman wearing a Valentino-style prairie dress.
Psychedelic Vintage Greeting Card with a woman in a Valentino-style dress.

Do you love these vintage psychedelic birthday cards as much as I do? What is your favorite era of vintage or antique paper treasures? Let me know in the comment section below!

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♥ Note: Faedra owns all photos.

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