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Mimi Joy’s Vintage Pastel Floral Art

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Mimi Joy pair of vintage floral pastel art drawings by Mabel C. Heyde

I didn’t get to hunt for vintage this last weekend because of the pandemic, but I did manage to get my first dose of the vaccine! So, in a month or so, I will be back to vintage hunting. I can’t wait! Although I didn’t get to hunt for vintage, I did get to explore some of my mom’s finds. She brought home so much good stuff, and I can’t wait to tell you about it!

Today, I am featuring this pair of vintage pastel floral pictures by California artist Mimi Joy. If you want some sweet and optimistic art to hang on your walls, this gal’s florals might fit the bill. They are colorful and look great mixed into a wall art collage with other vintage pieces.

Signed Mimi Joy pair of vintage floral pastel art drawings by Mabel C. Heyde
Tag on the back of Mimi Joy pair of vintage floral pastel art drawings by Mabel C. Heyde
Mimi Joy pair of vintage floral pastel art drawings by Mabel C. Heyde

As always, I found myself interested in the woman behind the artwork. I have found references to the story of her life, but I have not been able to find an actual Mimi Joy biography – just bits and pieces of information. Alas, I will share what I do know. If you have more information about this artist, please let me know in the comment section below!

Mimi Joy is the pseudonym adopted by the artist Mabel C. Heyde. She was born in Illinois and attended the Art Institute of Chicago. Heyde met her future husband, William H. Heyde while attending school in Chicago. While there is a significant gap in the information available about this prolific artist, we do know that she lived in Los Angeles, California, where she created and sold her pastel miniatures and floral still-lifes to the public.

Although they are highly sought after, Mimi Joy’s works of art are still available to be purchased. You can find your own piece by searching on eBay or Etsy. I found a couple of examples of her work available online for you to peruse:

Mimi Joy vintage pastel floral drawings available on eBay
Pair of Mimi Joy Pastel Drawings available on eBay
Mimi Joy vintage pastel floral drawings available on Etsy
Pair of Mimi Joy Vintage Pastel Drawings offered by MouseyMischief

What do you think about Mimi Joy’s floral art? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Hi Nicole,
    You have found a true, hidden treasure! I have loved every Mimi Joy floral pastel I’ve ever come across. Most are just so sweet and innocent, they let you take a mental break, a mental “breath of fresh air.” I always thank her for her talent, and hope she enjoyed recognition during her time, she certainly deserved it. Thank you for highlighting Mimi Joy; she’s an artist whose work will be loved well beyond our years. Best regards!

    1. I completely agree with your description of Mimi Joy and her art. A true breath of fresh air! I love learning about women artists and I hope to find out more about Mimi Joy and her artwork in the future. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I hope to see you here again in the future!

  2. Hi, I recently purchased a pair of pastel framed prints by Mimi joy. They are totally cute. I wanted to re-frame them though, as the frames and backing is musty. Does that hurt the value of the print at all? I wonder because the backing paper has the label on it as yours does stating if not signed by Mimi than not genuine.

    1. While I am not an art expert, I do believe that the value would be affected if the art is reframed. However, if the artwork is unusable in its present condition, then I would definitely reframe them and enjoy them! I would cut out the label on the back of the picture and attach it to the back of the new frame. I do believe it’s important to keep vintage stuff in original condition, if possible…but I also believe that it’s most important to enjoy a treasure if you love it!

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