Vintage Fitz and Floyd Pink Renaissance China Dinnerware

A Peachy Vintage China Set from a Third-day Estate Sale

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Vintage Fitz and Floyd Pink Renaissance China Dinnerware
Renaissance China Pattern by Fitz and Floyd

If you have been watching my Instagram vintage-hunting stories, you might have noticed this picture I posted of a vintage china set. I went to an estate sale for a local woman who was downsizing for a move. Tucked into a pretty green wicker cabinet was a set of peachy-pink Fitz and Floyd Renaissance dinnerware. I fell in love with the peach and gold coloring and the classic, Art Deco forms.

I snapped a picture of the china on my first visit to the house, but I did not buy it. They were asking $150 for the set, and I am in money-saving mode. That was on a Friday. I looked at that picture and thought about that dinnerware set all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

If you frequent estate sales, you know that Sunday is a half-price day. If an item makes it until Sunday, you can often get a 50% discount on the original asking price. After shopping a local flea market on Sunday morning and scoring some vintage Mexican pottery, we went back to the estate sale to see if maybe…just maybe…the set was still there and half-price. It was! And I ended up leaving with a decent beginning to a dinnerware set for my future home.

I fell in love with this set because of its elegance and simplicity. Because it is simple, I suspect it will be easy and fun to combine it with other dinnerware patterns – something I am super excited to do! I didn’t register for the typical china pattern on my wedding registry, so I don’t have a nice dinnerware set yet. Now that I have a better understanding of my interior design style, I am super excited to explore the dinnerware realm of home goods!

If you want to find this pattern online, eBay and Etsy have much to offer.

Do you have a set of china dinnerware? What pattern is your favorite? Let me know in the comment section below!

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