A black and white photograph of a vintage tinsel tree silhouetted against sheet vintage curtains
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Found Vintage Christmas Photographs for a Merry Christmas Eve

Hello, from the slowness of a teacher’s winter break. I have yet to begin grading the ninety research papers that await my return to the real world. This past week has been chill. I have spent the entirety of my break thus far sleeping in until 6 AM and preparing for a magical Christmas with my kiddos. Additionally, I managed to go to my favorite flea market this past week. We did not find treasures, but I was able to spend a weekday morning vintage-hunting with my adventurous children, sister, and mom. I can’t think of a better way to spend a morning than sifting through vintage treasures with some of my favorite people.

To celebrate this Christmas Eve, I dug out two found images I have collected over the years. They are different yet both wonderful in their own way.

A black and white photograph of a vintage tinsel tree silhouetted against sheet vintage curtains

A Black and White Photograph of a Vintage Tinsel Tree

The first image is one I collected in 2011. I purchased it at the estate sale for a veteran in Oakland, California as part of a stack of black and white amateur photographs. He had a simple home full of treasures, vintage postcards, and photographs collected on road trips across the western United States. Most of the photographs I acquired are of Yellowstone, Yosemite, motels, and bears; however, this one sweet black and white photograph features a simple vintage Christmas tree silhouetted against vintage curtains. If you have read my blog in the past, you likely know about my love of vintage paper. I especially love old amateur photographs because they capture real moments and vintage interior design details. This sweet photograph features a welcoming open door to show off a miniature holiday wreath.

This is a silly 1960s family photo that features a family acting out a scene with a Christmas tree and a fire extinguisher. each person in the family is dressed in Sixties era clothing and the decor features a velvet chair and an ornate old fashioned telephone.

A 1960s Photograph of a Silly Family and a Scorched Christmas Tree

The second photograph is one I acquired at a flea market this past summer. When my brother and his partner visited us from Australia, we all went out to our fave flea market. I, of course, am the annoying flea market companion who stops to sift through every pile of vintage photographs. This one photo was the fruit of my efforts, and I stashed it away to share with you during this holiday season!

The 1960s interior design has my heart, and I must give an honorable first mention to that seemingly gorgeous velvet chair and the ornate telephone on the left side of the picture. I would like to time travel and add these to my own decor.

As vintage photographs are wont to do, this one inspires some curious stories. The picture features a family acting out a scene, and a misspelled sign on the wall tells us we are looking at a “Firemans School.” The tree has been decorated to appear as if it caught on fire; the top half is bare and the bottom half is generously covered in tinsel. Each of the family members seems to be posing as part of a story – the mother holds a fire extinguisher pointed at the tree while the dad sits off to the side eating an apple with a dunce cap on his head. I cannot quite figure out what the gals in the background of the photo are doing with their pans. This silly vintage gem is likely photo-proof of the brandy in their egg nog.

Do you have any input about the contents of this last photograph? Am I missing something? If so, please leave a comment and enlighten me! I hope you have a peaceful and relaxing holiday doing whatever it is you feel like doing. Best wishes to you all, and thank you for stopping by!

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