Dried Poppies Suncatcher offered by kenziewenze

Shopping Secondhand for Sustainable Vintage Decor & Etsy’s Dedication to Earth-friendly Business Practices

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It is evident that we have to take some serious action to nurture this planet we call home. Here at Faedra, it is my goal to promote sustainable buying habits. Growing up the daughter of an antique dealer, I shopped primarily secondhand. It is something I take for granted. If I need something, whether a dress or home decor, I always check to see if I can buy it secondhand prior to buying it new.

For instance, I recently found myself in need of a camera bag. Instead of buying an expensive, new, and unattractive camera bag, I found a vintage bag on eBay for $14.99 that I adore. I learned this default to shopping secondhand in my childhood and my adult self is grateful. The Earth is grateful too.

Shopping secondhand is one simple habit we can all embrace in order to contribute to a healthier planet and use what is already made. The reality is that things humans manufactured decades ago are often better quality and much more affordable than things made now. And, we don’t have to pollute to make them.

I have dedicated this blog to sharing beautiful vintage objects with readers. We do not have to sacrifice beauty to care for our planet. Today we are lucky to have resources such as Etsy, where we can source handmade and vintage items that are both beautiful and sustainable. I am proud to partner with Etsy to bring my readers inspiration and sources for unique and sustainable vintage decor.

In addition to being a resource for sustainable decor options, Etsy has also committed to Earth-friendly business practices. Etsy completely offsets its carbon emissions from shipping. Renewable energy powers Etsy’s marketplaces and Etsy is a zero-waste operation globally. The company also found that 87% of its sellers are committed to running Earth-friendly businesses.

Etsy’s mission to pursue its sustainability initiative is endlessly inspiring. Reading about the progress they have made to become the Earth-conscious company they are today has me thinking about the improvements I can make in my own life.

Sustainable Vintage Decor Pressed and Dried Flowers offered by ToBeTheBeeAndFlower
Vintage Pressed and Dried Flowers offered by ToBeTheBeeAndFlower
Sustainable Vintage Decor Seed Packet Labels offered by PoseyProper
Vintage Seed Packet Labels offered by PoseyProper
Dried Poppies Suncatcher offered by kenziewenze
Dried Poppies Suncatcher offered by kenziewenze

How do you incorporate sustainability into your lifestyle? Do you shop secondhand? Let me know in the comment section below!

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